graduate coursework


Graduate courses in choral literature, vocal pedagogy, and music theory will be offered featuring internationally-acclaimed faculty. A seminar in choral conducting provides further discussions on choral rehearsal techniques and students also have weekly podium time with the Institute Choir.

Choral Literature during 2018 will focus on secular small forms (including madrigals, chansons, part songs, and folk songs), multi-cultural music (including African, South American, Chinese, and Taiwanese), and octavos of contemporary composers from across the globe (including the music traditions of America, Canada, England, Baltic States, and Scandinavia).

Seminar in Choral Conducting is designed to provide discussion on choral rehearsal techniques, performance practice of earlier periods of music, and choral pedagogy. All of these discussions will be utilized in the rehearsal and performance process with the Institute Choir of repertoire that is discussed in the Choral Literature course.

Vocal Pedagogy will bring current vocal research to the classroom and engage students in the application of healthy vocal technique and pedagogy for the choral musician.

Music Theory utilizes choral repertoire from all periods of music. Students are presented with graduate-level theory to properly analyze choral music in regards to harmony and form on both the macro and micro scale.


Resident Conducting Faculty




Dr. Tim McMillin
Dir. of Choral Studies
Simpson College
Dr. Philip Moody
Dir. of Choral Studies
Matthew Oltman
Music Dir. Emeritus

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