The Creation – Franz Joseph Haydn

The Creation – Franz Joseph Haydn

S, T, B Solos – SATB Choir – Orchestra
English Translation by Philip Moody
Reduced Orchestration by Philip Moody (1/1/1/2 – 1/1/1 – Timp – Strings)

This new English translation of Haydn’s The Creation is the culmination of research by Dr. Philip Moody for his doctoral document at the University of Arizona. This English translation is based on current research into The Creation, as well as review of original text sources: the original English text of Baron van Swieten; the German translation, provided by van Swieten, that Haydn used to compose the oratorio; original source material including the King James Bible and Milton’s Paradise Lost. Finally, these text sources were combined with modern language and syntax in order to more accurately represent the original English text. A companion document detailing this research is available.

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Full Score: CP-1023-FS
Orchestral Parts: CP-1023-OP
Reduced Orchestration and Companion Orchestral Parts: CP-1023-FS-R; CP-1023-OP-R

The Piano/Vocal Score is available in multiple editions:
CP-1023-PV: Complete Piano/Vocal Score formatted for printing
CP-1023-D: Complete Piano/Vocal Score formatted for digital tablets
CP-1023-C: Piano/Vocal Score for the Chorus
CP-1023-S: Piano/Vocal Score for the Soprano Soloist
CP-1023-T: Piano/Vocal Score for the Tenor Soloist
CP-1023-B: Piano/Vocal Score for the Bass Soloist

Particular choruses have also been transcribed for string quintet:
CP-1013 “The Wonder of God’s Work”
CP-1014 “Let Us Be Joyful”
CP-1015 “The Heavens Are Telling”
CP-1016 “Three Choruses” (Full Score for CP-1013, CP-1014, CP-1015)

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