There is Sweet Music Here

There is Sweet Music Here

Philip Moody

SATB w/divisi
Duration: 4 minutes     Difficulty: 3

PDF Download: $1.75     Print: $2.75

There is Sweet Music Here provides a lyrical choral setting of the well-beloved Tennyson text. With little divisi in the parts, it is an ideal selection for any mixed ensemble. The imagery of the text implies long lyric vocal lines that should sound effortless as if they themselves were floating in the air.
– Philip Moody


There is sweet music here that softer falls
Than petals from blown roses on the grass,
Or night-dews on still waters between walls
Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass;
Music that gentlier on the spirit lies,
Than tir’d eyelids upon tir’d eyes;
Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies.
Here are cool mosses deep,
And thro’ the moss the ivies creep,
And in the stream the long-leaved flowers weep,
And from the craggy ledge the poppy hangs in sleep.
– Lord Alfred Tennyson