Toutes les nuits

Toutes les nuits

Clément Janequin

Duration: 3 minutes Difficulty: 3

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A principal composer of the so-called “Parisian” chanson, Clément Janequin (1485-1558) is best known today for his chansons employing lengthy and complex passages of onomatopoeia such as Le chant des oiseaux (The Song of the Birds), Les cris de Paris (The cries of Paris) and La bataille (The Battle). Most of his chansons compositions, numbering over 250, are narrative or programmatic in nature with music that is primarily concerned with text declamation. Toutes les nuits, however, is a rare lyric chanson that sets the melancholy text in an evocative and sensitive way. Even though Janequin’s music was widely published and achieved substantial popularity during his own lifetime, he was never regularly employed in any major cathedral or court. Much of his life was lived under financial duress, leading to strained relations with his extended family members. As a result, Janequin’s will famously left the contents of his small estate to charity and his housekeeper.
– Matthew Oltman